My life journey so far, has taken me in a full circle, back to where I was born, in Bath.  I moved to Indonesia in 2006 to teach ESOL and found myself back in Bath in 2013.

My passion for making jewellery began in Indonesia, where I lived for almost 8 years. It started as a hobby sitting on my floor with a group of friends and a bag of beads. Creating accessories quickly became an obsession which was infectious to others. Spending  hours, sometimes until 5am, to finish a new piece. Any spare moment I had, was used either by, creating accessories or buying beads and findings.

As interest grew in my work, I began to make money from my hobby, by selling in boutiques and partaking in art and craft days. My necklaces and bracelets are unique, in that only one is ever made of a certain design. I use an amalgamation of beads: metal, wood, glass, plastic, shell, ceramic, acrylic and semi precious stones. The juxtaposition of colours and textures are aesthetically pleasing in a fun way. I love re-inventing charity shop finds into completely new designs, adding various beads I’ve collected on the way.

I have a recent addition to my work, a discovery of polymer clay. Whilst on holiday in Cornwall with a fellow jewellery maker, she introduced me to another world. My son and I made some polymer clay beads and found it immense fun. I have done some adult workshops at home and am planning some small children’s workshops and birthday parties. Exciting times are ahead as I branch out.

My business name is a combination of English and Indonesian, Kalung means necklace in Indonesian, I think the two languages work aptly well together.  I hope you enjoy my creations as much as I enjoyed making them.